Dan Monson

Mortgage Banker | NMLS #302692

1616 S. Voss, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77057 USA

Office: 281.657.0472

Direct: 281.822.7623

Mobile: 713.480.1061

Dan Monson

1616 S. Voss, Suite 500

Houston, TX 77057 USA

Office - 281.657.0472

Direct - 281.822.7623

Mobile - 713.480.1061

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Dan Monson | Mortgage Banker

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"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." -George S. Patton

Dan Monson is the founder and lead mortgage banker for Team MortgageDan. Dan joined Sente in 2010 and soon after founded his team. His team believes that when buying a home, you should look for the perfect home that suits your needs, and when selecting a mortgage banker you should look for someone who is discerning, experienced, and knowledgeable to guide you through the process.

    Things to know about Dan:

  1. Since college, Dan has worked in roles driven by relationships and delivery on promises. This experience, plus his training in underwriting and appraisal, allow him to anticipate and solve problems before they costs clients time or money.
  2. Dan is originally from Minnesota but has called Texas his home since graduating from Trinity University.
  3. He volunteers with the Memorial Spring Branch Rotary, where he has served on the board, as PR chair and as Treasurer. MSB Rotary provides aid for families and scholarships for students.
  4. Dan's most recent accolade includes being the emcee for his daughter's dance recital.
  5. In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball with his son, getting teased by his daughter, and road trips with his family.

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Dan Monson
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